DT1Post High School Plans

12 09 2007

for my post high school plans I plan to go into the Santa Fe or bernalillo county fire department immediatley after high school. but before i can actually attend the department im gonna try to join the beginning training just near Soccorro NM. after that i am gonna attend either NMSU or UNM to take the mandatory basic medical training classes.

DT2ordinary people

11 09 2007

                                                     Ordinary People

            The video was very inspiring to me. It made me realize how a person s decisions can change their whole life forever. it made me see how never giving up on something can lead you to a life full of accomplishments. The clip also made me more aware of my friends and the people around me because you will never know if the person sitting next to you will be the next millionaire or the next movie star or singer in the future to come.

    In a way it made me feel more confident about myself and makes me want to further pursue my goals and dreams.